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Whether creating a bespoke one-off gasket for a new customer, reverse engineering a part for a classic car, or mass-manufacturing monthly orders for a long-term client, we take the same approach to ensure a high-quality product for every customer. With over five decades of industry experience, our skilled team is on hand to guide clients through our three-stage production process to manufacture large or short runs of gaskets from templates, drawings and existing components.

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Step 1 - Gasket Templating and Design

The first stage of our gasket manufacturing process is planning out your drawing, gasket or component in computer-aided design (CAD) software. Design documentation and schematics are often supplied by clients or are readily available in our databases, however, some gaskets have no design record, and so must be reverse-engineered. 

This process requires the gasket to be measured across multiple points before the inside diameter (ID) and outside diameter (OD) measurements are taken. The bolt holes are measured and final checks are undertaken, with the design then ready to be converted into CAD and computer-aided manufacture (CAM) software. 

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This proved especially useful for Overland Cruisers, who specialise in the service and preparation of a range of 4x4 and off-road vehicles: “Fantastic service from Andrew and the team supplying a head gasket for a Polaris quad bike that went out of production 20 years ago, allowing us to get another customer back on the road.” 

In some cases, templates undergo client approval before the appropriate sheet materials are selected ahead of production.

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Step 2 - Selecting the Correct Materials for your Application

At Dobson’s, we aim to make the material identification process as simple as possible. Our approach is friendly and consultative, and with over 50 years’ experience in the sector, our team is well-placed to advise the most appropriate and cost-effective gasket sheet material for a wide range of applications. 

“Dobsons is a company that I recommend to my clients, knowing they will get a good service,” explains Keith Hawkins, who runs the charity Models for Heroes alongside his day job as a boiler inspector. 

“If they are unsure of the correct material for the job, they will get the advice to help them get the right product for the best results.” 

Through this stage, we work closely with our customers to gain a wider knowledge of their requirements, including standard and custom shapes ranging from ½” to over 5 metres in diameter. We stock a large variety of gasket sheet materials in-house and can identify and source specific materials to suit the application. Customers also have access to a range of material guides and datasheets to help streamline the selection process. 

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Step 3 - Gasket Fabrication and Finishing

Over the past five decades, we have continued to make significant investments in the latest machines and technologies to ensure the highest quality gaskets are precision manufactured for our clients. CAD templates and schematics can be transferred to a range of innovative machine tools, including a new state-of-the-art Boxford 2kW fibre metal laser cutting machine, a 60,000 psi waterjet cutter, CNC knife tables, and punch press machinery

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All gaskets are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:201 guidelines and international material standards. In many cases, this may include hand-finishing components, including spiral winding and chamfering. During this stage, our clients can also opt for metal annealing and rumbling/deburring services if required.

After undergoing a thorough quality control check against a drawing or original component part, gaskets are then delivered to our customers worldwide.

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