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Nitril bonded Cork is a perfect solution for applications, where vibration and noise need to be eliminated.

When it comes to versatility, Nitrile-Bonded Cork stands out as an exceptional choice. Its extensive range of industrial applications is vast, demonstrating its effectiveness in applications requiring resistance to ozone, oils, fuels, and heat, while its capabilities extend to surface protection, sealing, and spacing. For components like sumps, valve covers, electrical transformers, electrical switch gears, and general cover and lid sealing, nitrile-bonded cork plays a crucial role.

For applications where sound/vibration absorption in heavy machinery and mechanical components is key, Nitrile Cork excels. Effective vibration and sound absorption require a combination of resilience and compressibility which is a key feature of Nitrile Cork. This vibration-attenuating gasket material is especially useful in HVAC systems where it can reduce noise significantly. Industrial machinery also benefits, with less vibration translating to higher quality output and longer equipment life.

At A Glance: Benefits of Nitrile Bonded Cork

  • Sound Suppression
  • Anti-Vibration
  • Heat resistant to 120°C
  • Fuel & oil resistant
  • Natural Material
  • Bonds with Other Materials

The ingenuity of Nitrile cork lies in its composition, combining cork granules with nitrile rubber to achieve flexibility, resilience, and outstanding sealing capabilities. Cork's inherent resistance to substances like oil, fuel, hydrocarbons, and water is enhanced by the excellent oil and chemical resistance, high tensile strength, and good abrasion resistance of Nitrile rubber. This results in a highly versatile gasket sheet material that Dobson utilises to create bespoke, precision-engineered gaskets tailored to individual customer needs.

Moreover, Nitrile cork products offer additional advantages with various finishes, allowing customers to choose options such as foils, self-adhesives, or lamination with other materials. These composite sheets further enhance the material's already impressive array of properties, making it an ideal solution for a diverse range of applications.

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Limited Supply of SM352 Nitrile Bonded Cork

A key aspect that makes Nitrile Bonded Cork such a highly demanded material is that it is very cost-effective. This in turn allows Dobson to manufacture highly customised gaskets for various applications at a lower cost, but the effect of such high demand means the supply of quality nitrile cork gasket sheet material is currently limited across the sector. We recently received a new batch of SM352 Nitrile Bonded Cork, so if you're looking to take advantage of this versatile material, speak to one of our specialists at Dobson Gaskets as soon as possible!

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