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This year was a very special one for Dobson Gaskets as we celebrated 60 years of trading - something that would not have been possible were it not for our fantastic team, our amazing suppliers - and most of all our customers. Their loyalty and support over the last six decades have been incredible and our company directors Peter, Andrew and Robert Jeffrey would like to again say a heartfelt thanks, and wish everyone a very happy and successful new year!

This year has seen a lot of expansion into new international supply chains as well as an impressive increase in our capabilities. Our export operations have this year added new Australian, Dutch and German customers, as well as a Danish OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) producing engines for the industrial marketplace. We are also now the UK's only supplier of Planichem gasket sheet materials, an exclusive contract we can be proud of.

Production took another step forward with a significant increase in thin metal components such as shims, thanks to our laser cutter which has proved to be quicker and more productive for metals and other materials. Our water jet cutter has increased output too, combined with a new circular saw for faster, more efficient cutting of thicker rubber sheet materials. Our capabilities in fast and accurate bespoke and large-scale gasket production have never been better!

vintage gasket daimler bus

A project straight out of the past provided an interesting challenge for the team, as we were commissioned by the Wythall Transport Museum in Worcestershire to help with a restoration. We reverse-engineered and manufactured two head gaskets for a 1951 Birmingham City Transport Daimler CVD6 bus, developing a 3-layer solution, two traditional outer copper layers and a thin filler layer of non-asbestos material that is a graphite composite with excellent compression characteristics.

Combining the latest in water-cutting technology with traditional hand-finishing methods, we were able to bring new and old together and help get this vintage vehicle running again. Hopefully, they haven’t put the fares up since it last was in service back in 1969!

Talking of classic vehicles, we joined forces with one of the UK's leading suppliers of classic car parts, supplying gaskets for classic cars that we produce from drawings, templates, or reverse-engineered from the original components.

nitrogen generator full kit nitrogen compressor

Looking to the future, we took significant steps towards operational sustainability with the installation of an advanced in-house nitrogen generator. Traditionally reliant on external suppliers for nitrogen, we can now harness the power of on-site nitrogen generation, ensuring an uninterrupted, on-demand supply of high-purity nitrogen gas for our precision laser cutter. Peter Jeffrey, Managing Director at Dobson Gaskets, said of the purchase:

"This investment allows us to optimise our processes, reduce costs, and align our operations with our sustainability goals. It reinforces our dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions while minimising our environmental impact."

Not only is this technology helping reduce production times for a range of large-volume metal gaskets, with the ability to cut up to 40m per minute at depths up to 15mm (for mild steel), but by generating nitrogen on-site, we are also reducing operational costs, streamlining laser-cutting processes, and reducing carbon emissions associated with nitrogen tank transportation.

But we still utilise methods found at Dobson Gaskets 60 years ago, and it is this combination of traditional and future-facing technology that has allowed us to keep our loyal customer base and grow into new markets - hopefully for the next 60 years and beyond!