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A Couple Of Plastic Gaskets

Flexible Connectors

Flexible connectors play a vital role in a range of applications, most commonly for pipe coupling, batching cement into the trucks, and the feeding of product from a conveyor belt into a chute. Our range of flexible connector products can be manufactured from a range of suitable rubber, aramid and silicone materials to provide excellent resistance to abrasion and weather, as well as needle-felt socks and sleeves often used in particle filtration.

All our connectors can be made to bespoke specifications and our expert technicians are available to assist in choosing the right materials for every application.

Rubber Sleeves

Rubber Sleeves

These rubber sleeves, sometimes known as socks, are ideal connectors for PVC pipes, cement hoses, hopper discharge and any application designed to transfer product from pipes, hoses and conveyors to containers at low pressure. Our joined or vulcanised rubber sleeves can be manufactured from our range of rubber sheet materials at any diameter required, and have excellent resistance to weathering and abrasion while being easy to clean after use.

Fabricated Rubber Connectors

Fabricated Rubber Connectors

Available as square, rectangular, straight and tapered, these vulcanised connectors form flexible, leak-proof seals between components typically used to transfer aggregates, powders and food. They can be made from any rubber in our sheet materials stock, with white FDA food-grade silicone and blue metal-detectable FDA rubber being the usual choice for the transfer of consumable products in food processing applications. Flanges can also be incorporated where required.

Silicone Coated Aramid Fibre Connectors

Silicone Coated Aramid Fibre Connectors

Commonly known as silicone coated Kevlar, this is an extremely durable material with an operating temperature high of 220 °C, and a food-approved, non-stick coating. The combination of durability, temperature resistance and FDA approval makes it an ideal material for connecting to compensators and chutes in food and pharmaceutical applications, as well as transferring concrete and connecting ducts in aircraft.

Needle Felt Filter Socks and Sleeves

Needle Felt Filter Socks and Sleeves

This robust material provides excellent separation performance and the socks and sleeves we fabricate from it are typically used in high dust applications such as metalwork, mining, cement processing and chemical processing, keeping the exterior environment safely particle-free as it transfers dust to a collector. It is also available as a food-safe option, particularly in the processing of powders such as sugar or flour.

The Manufacture of Flexible Connectors

We manufacture flexible connectors in-house using precision CNC machines, including knife tables and punch presses. Whether producing small batches or large runs, our rigorous, quality-assured processes ensure the highest standards and application compatibility of all products.

We also offer a bespoke manufacturing service that may require reverse engineering connectors from an original component or the complete design and fabrication of a new connector to suit a specific component that meets all required regulations. Our fast, accurate and cost-effective flexible connector solutions are trusted by customers around the world and used across a wide range of industries.

Choosing the Right Material

Flexible connectors can be manufactured from a range of materials, though most commonly use rubber or rubber composites. Our technicians can provide expert advice on the best materials to suit the application and conditions of use. These may include a requirement for water, oil or chemical resistance or, in the case of food and pharmaceutical processing, the use of FDA-approved silicone connectors.

Please get in touch if you need help and advice about materials. Our experienced team will be happy to help.

The Manufacturing Proccess Of A Plastic Gasket

Flexible Connectors Materials

Various types of materials offer specific advantages for flexible connectors, optimising their performance under different conditions of heat, moisture, and pressure. Below, we've outlined some common rubber and rubber polymers to guide you in understanding their operational characteristics in flexible connectors. For more information on selecting the ideal material for your flexible connector application, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Rubber Materials

Materials Temperature Range Max PSI/BAR PN Range Download
Butyl min - 40 max 120 °C  10 bar  2.5/320  
EPDM min - 40 max 120 °C  10 bar  2.5/320  
Natural (Pure Gum) min -25 max 70 °C  10 bar  2.5/320  
Neoprene min -30 max 120 °C  10 bar  2.5/320  
Neoprene - Cloth Inserted min -30 max 120 °C  10 bar  2.5/320  
Nitrile (NBR, Buna-N) min -30 max 120 °C  10 bar  2.5/320  
SBR (Red Rubber) min -20 max 70 °C  10 bar  2.5/320  
SBR - Cloth Inserted min -20 max 70 °C  10 bar  2.5/320  
Silicone min -90 max 225 °C  10 bar  2.5/320  
Viton min -20 max 275 °C  10 bar  2.5/320  
Prekev Rubberised Cloth min -250 max 300 °C  35 bar  2.5/320 Prekev Rubberised Cloth datasheet

Silicone Materials

Materials Max Temperature Max PSI/BAR PN Range
Silicone Coated Aramid Fibre  220°C  150  2.5/320

Needle Felt Materials

Materials Max Temperature Max PSI/BAR PN Range
Needle Felt Filter  150°C  150  2.5/320

Talk to a Technician

Our highly experienced technicians can advise you on the best sheet materials and manufacturing processes for a wide range of gasket applications.

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Flexible Connectors Use in Industry

Flexible rubber and silicone connectors play a vital role in numerous industrial applications, offering versatility, durability, and resilience. These connectors are commonly used in industries such as automotive, manufacturing, and construction. They are primarily used as a sealed conduit between different parts of machinery or equipment for transferring a wide range of materials, such as cement, powders or food products. Rubber and silicone connectors are preferred for their ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions, extreme temperatures, and exposure to chemicals or oils without compromising their performance. Their flexibility allows for easy installation and maintenance, making them essential components in ensuring the efficiency and reliability of industrial processes.

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Construction
  • Oil and Gas
  • Pump and Valve
  • Steam Applications

Gasket Sheet Materials

We supply a vast range of gasket materials, available to buy directly or order from us. For more information visit the Gasket Sheet Materials page

  • PTFE Gasket Sheet
  • Rubber Gasket Sheet
  • Spiral Wound Gasket Sheet
  • Teflon Gasket Sheet
  • Viton Gasket Sheet
  • Graphite Gasket Sheet
  • Novus Gasket Sheet
  • Flexitallic Gasket Sheet
  • Closed Cell Foam Gasket Sheet
  • Neoprene Foam Gasket Sheet
  • Sponge Gasket Sheet
  • Durlon Gasket Sheet
  • Grafoil Gasket Sheet
  • Paper Gasket Sheet
  • High Temperature Gasket Sheet
  • Head Gasket Material Sheet
  • Exhaust Gasket Sheet
  • Fibre Gasket Sheet