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A Couple Of Plastic Gaskets

Plastic Gaskets

Plastic gaskets are commonly used as an alternative to metal and demonstrate good durability and corrosion resistance. Gaskets of this type are typically lightweight and low friction with good sealing and insulation properties.

We hold a large stock of plastic shim and gasket sheet materials in a wide range of thicknesses and can source, supply and convert sheets to suit the application.

Nylon Gaskets

Nylon Gaskets

Nylon packer and spacers gaskets can be cut to any shape to widths of 10mm from a range of sheet materials, such as Nylatron, using die-cut, laser and water-jet machinery.



Low density (LDPE) and high density (HDPE) are polyethylene plastics with properties of minimal moisture absorption, resistance to chemicals and good strength.

Plastic shim Gaskets

Plastic shim Gaskets

We convert colour-coded plastic shim gaskets from a range of sheet materials including nylon, vinyl, acetate, polypropylene and polyethylene.

Polycarbonate Gaskets

Polycarbonate Gaskets

Polycarbonate has excellent impact, durability, heat and flame resistance properties. This thermoplastic provides high levels of mechanical, optical and electrical properties.

The Manufacture of Plastic Gaskets 

We convert plastic sheeting for short and long runs of standard and bespoke plastic gaskets. The width of the sheet dictates the method of conversion, with our water jet and CNC cutting machines able to cut almost any depth of plastic with precision and consistency across the run. We stock a wide range of plastic gasket sheet materials. Cut up to 200mm on water jet

Client utilise our full turnkey gasket manufacturing service for help with materials specification and prototyping, along with CAD gasket design, bespoke manufacture and worldwide distribution. All gaskets are supplied to recognised national and international standards.

Key Features

  • Wide temperature range
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Non-corrosive
  • Noise reduction
  • Hydrocarbon resistant
  • Rigidity and stability

The Manufacturing Proccess Of A Plastic Gasket

Plastic Gasket Materials

Plastics are, in general, a low-cost and versatile material for manufacture gaskets Plastic compounds exhibit a broad range of properties and applications from simple colour coded plastic shim gaskets to corrosion resistance gaskets used in critical operations. We supply a comprehensive range of shim material, nylon sheet and specialist plastic composites that can be converted by die-cutting. If you would like more information about specific plastic materials and conversions, please don’t hesitate to contact our technical team.

Materials Temperature Range Max PSI/BAR PN Range Download
ABSAcetal (Delrin®) 75 °C  150  2.5/320  
AcetateMylar® Polyester 130 °C  150  2.5/320  
FilmTeflon® (PTFE)Nylon Low 260 °C  150  2.5/320  
Density Polyethylene (LDPE) High 80 °C  150  2.5/320 LDPE datasheet
Density Polyethylene (HDPE) High Impact 80 °C  150  2.5/320  
Polymide Film 110 °C  150  2.5/320  
Polycarbonate (Lexan®) 120 °C  150  2.5/320  
Plastic Shim Stock (Colour Coded) 130 °C  150  2.5/320 Colour-Coded datasheet
Polypropylene 100 °C  150  2.5/320  
Polyethylene (UHMW) 80 °C  150  2.5/320  


Talk to a Technician

Our highly experienced technicians can advise you on the best sheet materials and manufacturing processes for a wide range of gasket applications.

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Plastic Gasket Use in Industry

Thermoplastics and thermosetting polymers have been used sealing applications for decades due to inherent advantages over other materials. In part this is due to the low material and production costs but also its relative resistance to elements such as heat, climate, fire, oil, hydrocarbons and chemicals.

Industries such as Aerospace increasingly use plastic gaskets as an alternative to metal. In critical applications where the strictest standards must be adhered to, its excellent wear resistance and high strength to weight ratio make it a viable and cost-effective sealing material.

  • Aerospace
  • Material Processing
  • Oil and Gas
  • Petrochemical

Gasket Sheet Materials

We supply a vast range of gasket materials, available to buy directly or order from us. For more information visit the Gasket Sheet Materials page

  • PTFE Gasket Sheet
  • Rubber Gasket Sheet
  • Spiral Wound Gasket Sheet
  • Teflon Gasket Sheet
  • Viton Gasket Sheet
  • Graphite Gasket Sheet
  • Novus Gasket Sheet
  • Flexitallic Gasket Sheet
  • Closed Cell Foam Gasket Sheet
  • Neoprene Foam Gasket Sheet
  • Sponge Gasket Sheet
  • Durlon Gasket Sheet
  • Grafoil Gasket Sheet
  • Paper Gasket Sheet
  • High Temperature Gasket Sheet
  • Head Gasket Material Sheet
  • Exhaust Gasket Sheet
  • Fibre Gasket Sheet