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Gaskets for Steam Boiler Equipment and Processes

Working and peak temperatures, along with pressure and system placement must all be considered when selecting the appropriate gasket for use when working with both saturated and superheated steam. We have many years of experience producing steam and boiler gaskets and are on hand to provide expert advice to clients on the choice of sheet materials, gasket configurations and the correct application.

We produce an extensive range of steam gaskets for the manufacturing and engineering sectors, including gaskets for modern processing boiler plants through to heritage boilers and locomotives.

All gaskets are manufactured on-site at our factory in West Yorkshire using a range of modern machinery, including water jet, laser, CNC cutters and traditional techniques. We stock a comprehensive range of sheet materials for use across steam applications, which can be precision-cut to suit customer requirements.

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Steam Gasket Operating Environments

Steam gaskets are used across a wide range of environments and must be able to tolerate both high and low temperatures and pressures. At Dobson Gaskets, we convert a wide variety of gasket sheet materials for use across all stages of the steam production and steam conveyance processes. Operating environments that utilise steam gaskets include:

  • Modern Industrial Steam Boilers
  • Heritage and Vintage Steam Boilers
  • Heritage Railways
  • Manufacturing & Engineering Plants
  • Energy Plants
  • Food and Pharmaceutical Plants
  • Paper Mills

Gaskets Commonly Used in Steam Processes

<h3 class="gasket-h3">Boiler Seal Gaskets</h3>

Boiler Seal Gaskets

We are the only UK supplier of Boiler Seal, a high-quality EPDM polymer gasket, primarily used as a boiler door joint on both heritage and modern industrial boilers. The high-temperature capability combined with the sealing resilience expected from an elastomeric material makes it ideal for steam service duty. Boiler Seal gaskets can also be used in water heaters, air receivers, paper mill drying cylinders, and in other gasket applications that require similar seals.

Typical Physical Properties Unit Measurement
Peak Temperature °C 190
Maximum Working Temperature °C 120
Minimum Working Temperature °C -25
Maximum Recommended Pressure BAR Up to 12
Thickness (nominal) mm 6 (¼”)

Rubber Gaskets

<h3 class="gasket-h3">Prekev Rubberised Cloth Gaskets</h3>

Prekev Rubberised Cloth Gaskets

Prekev rubberised cloth is highly resistant to steam, water and chemical agents, such as solvent, organic and inorganic acids, alkalis, oils and fuels, making it suitable for a wide variety of steam applications. The fibres of the compound do not contain supporting organic fibres like viscose, so will not melt under high temperatures. It is also easy to sew and stick and has very good mechanical tearing and abrasion resistance.

Typical Physical Properties Unit Measurement
Peak Temperature °C 350
Maximum Working Temperature °C 300
Minimum Working Temperature °C -250
Maximum Recommended Pressure BAR 35
Thickness (nominal) mm 1.5 to 9

Rubber Gaskets

<h3 class="gasket-h3">Copper Gaskets</h3>

Copper Gaskets

Copper is commonly used in steam processes as pipe flange gaskets. Chosen for its strength, elasticity and resistance to high pressures and temperatures, it can be used with both flat raised surfaces pipework flanges. Capable of handling steam applications up to 400° C, copper offers superb structural strength with resistance to corrosion from steam, water, and a range of chemicals and oils.

Typical Physical Properties Unit Measurement
Peak Temperature °C 400
Maximum Working Temperature °C 400
Minimum Working Temperature °C -250
Maximum Recommended Pressure BAR 600
Thickness (nominal) mm 0.2 to 10

Metal Gaskets

<h3 class="gasket-h3">Spiral Wound Gaskets</h3>

Spiral Wound Gaskets

Comprising a V-shaped strip of metal inter-wound with a soft, filler material, spiral wound gaskets are ideal for use in processes involving steam, chemicals, hydrocarbons and oils. Applied to the pipe flange to support sealing and resist ‘blow out’, the metal strip can withstand both extremely high and cryogenic temperatures, while the filler provides excellent sealing. We manufacture spiral wound gaskets in a wide range of materials and configurations to meet customer requirements, with filler materials including Graphite, PTFE and Mica, and winding materials such as Stainless Steel, Nickel, Titanium, and Inconel.

Typical Physical Properties Unit Filler Material Winding Material
Peak Temperature °C 1000 (Mica) 950 (Inconel 600)
Maximum Working Temperature °C 1000 (Mica) 950 (Inconel 600)
Minimum Working Temperature °C -200 (Mica, Graphite, PTFE) -250 (304, 347, 321, Nickel 200, Titanium)
Maximum Recommended Pressure BAR 250 (Graphite) PN320

Sprial Wound Gaskets

<h3 class="gasket-h3">Unigraph and Unimetal Gaskets</h3>

Unigraph and Unimetal Gaskets

Unimetal and Unigraph gaskets are manufactured from graphite sheet that is coated in a strong polymer. The material composition makes them highly stable at both high and cryogenic temperatures, with a creep relaxation of less than10/12% at temperatures up to 450° C. We stock the Unigraph 500, 500HD and Unimetal (reinforced with wire mesh) sheet materials for use in steam applications that require high-pressure tolerances.

Typical Physical Properties Unit Unigraph 500 Unigraph 500 HD UniMetal
Peak Temperature °C 650 650 650
Maximum Working Temperature °C 450 450 450
Minimum Working Temperature °C -200 -200 -200
Maximum Recommended Pressure BAR 100 120 150
Thickness (nominal) mm 1.5 to 3 1.5 to 3 1.5 to 3

Graphite Gaskets

<h3 class="gasket-h3">Reflex Gaskets</h3>

Reflex Gaskets

Reflex gaskets are commonly used to create a watertight seal on level gauges used in steam processing applications. We manufacture cushion joints (dry side) from Novus 34, a non-asbestos compound of aramid and inorganic fibres, and sealing gaskets (wet side) from Flexigraf FGS3, a graphite laminate gasket reinforced with a tanged stainless steel core. Both materials offer excellent creep resistance and high tolerances to high-pressure steam, oils, solvents and gasses.

Typical Physical Properties Unit Novus 34 Flexigraf FGS3
Peak Temperature °C 450 550
Maximum Working Temperature °C 450 550
Minimum Working Temperature °C 50 -200
Maximum Recommended Pressure BAR 100 200
Thickness (nominal) mm 1.5 1 - 1.5

Non Aspestos Gaskets

<h3 class="gasket-h3">Taylor Ring Gaskets</h3>

Taylor Ring Gaskets

Taylor Ring gaskets are corrugated metal gaskets used to seal valves processing steam, hot water, crude oil and chemicals. Manufactured from thin sheets of copper, brass, steel or cupronickel, these gaskets are easily recognisable due to their embossed concentric circle (a smaller circle inside a larger one) design that provides extra support and compression to the flanged joint.

Typical Physical Properties Unit Measurement
Peak Temperature °C 870 (Stainless)
Maximum Working Temperature °C 540 (Stainless)
Minimum Working Temperature °C -269 (Stainless)
Maximum Recommended Pressure BAR 500 (Stainless)
Thickness (nominal) mm 1.5

Metal Gaskets

<h3 class="gasket-h3">Gland Packings</h3>

Gland Packings

Gland Packings are anti-friction, heat-resistant seals that can be manufactured from a range of materials including PTFE, aramid, kevlar and graphite. Typically applied to rotary equipment, such as steam valves and pumps, gland packings can also be used for static sealing operations on boiler joints. Due to their high chemical resistance and leak prevention, these cost-effective gaskets minimise machine downtime and are a popular choice for corrosive environments and the food and pharmaceutical industries. We stock competitively-priced gland packings fabricated from a range of materials in lengths of up to 8m.

Typical Physical Properties Unit Measurement
Peak Temperature °C 550 (7740)
Maximum Working Temperature °C 480 (7740)
Minimum Working Temperature °C -85 (7740)
Maximum Recommended Pressure BAR 140 (7740)
Thickness (nominal) mm 3 to 28

Gland Packings

<h3 class="gasket-h3">Glass Ladder Tape</h3>

Glass Ladder Tape

Manufactured from textured filaments of glass fibre yarn, when braided, glass ladder tape is commonly used to provide thermal insulation on pipe flanges, furnaces, heat exchangers and boiler doors. Able to withstand temperatures in excess of 550°C, the tape has good resistance to oils, solvents and most chemicals and available in square, circle and rectangular configurations in widths from 25mm to 150mm.

Typical Physical Properties Unit Measurement
Peak Temperature °C 600
Maximum Working Temperature °C 550
Maximum Recommended Pressure BAR 140
Thickness (nominal) mm 1.5 to 6

Gasket Sheet Materials for Steam Applications

We supply a comprehensive range of gasket materials suitable for steam applications, which are available to buy directly from us. For more information, click on the link to visit the Gasket Sheet Materials page.

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